Its the peaceful area known as the "foot bridge" at Riverfront Park. On Monday, a disturbing message outraged Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector and Temple Emanuel President, Allison Nathan Getz.

"It makes me angry that anybody would feel that way but it truly makes me sad that anybody has that kind of hatred in their heart." Getz said.

The message was found spray painted multiple times on the bridge believed to have happened over the weekend.

Getz told 12News the incidents are happening too often and wants who ever is doing it to stop.

"Its happening too many times in a short period of time and so its something we need to think about." said Getz.

In January, windows at the synagogue were found shattered after someone threw rocks at them. Temple Emanuel is the only temple in Beaumont where Brian Alter grew up in and remembers some incidents of discrimination.

"Hate makes no sense. It never made sense." Alter said.

Even though none of the latest incidents have been determined as "hate crimes" the FBI does define a hate crime a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias.

Rabbi Joshua Taub released this statement on Monday:

"The extreme polarization that divides our nation and our community has clearly emboldened those who harbor anger and hatred to publicly display their feelings. And yet again when one voice of anger and hatred is raised against our community, many voices of love and support rise against it. We deeply appreciate the quick work of the city to clean up the graffiti. The Jewish community of southeast Texas will remain vigilant in our commitment to keep ourselves and our historic building safe, and continue to contribute to moving Beaumont and our region toward becoming the community all of our children deserve."