Beads, bull riding, and kabobs are what people like Rachel Scott look forward to seeing every year.

It’s become a tradition for her and her family to make the trip to Procter street.

"I'm pumped up, I was a little disappointed when I pulled up and I didn't see all the floats and stuff, but when my grandkids got out of the car it was phenomenal, I mean my heart just dropped," Scott said.

The Welch family enjoys seeing some of their favorite musical acts and enjoying delicious fair food. Jo and Scott say that they never have missed a year of Mardi Gras in the past thirty years.

"She likes the food, I like the music, the entertainment, the lights, just a little bit of everything. I just enjoy being out here and also enjoy seeing people I haven't seen in a long time," Welch said.

The sights and sounds of Mardi Gras Port Arthur also bring a sense of relief for Scott.

"It's all about family, fun, and after the Hurricane we're trying to join together, get our community back together and love one another," Scott said.

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