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Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas move to Beaumont reaches final step, council votes on Tuesday

Organizers and city leaders have agreed to terms of the deal, but the city council will need to approve the vote on Tuesday.

BEAUMONT, Texas — The search for a new location Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas has taken months, but it appears the celebration will move to Beaumont.  

Organizers and city leaders have agreed to terms of the deal, but the city council will need to approve the vote on Tuesday.

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames said "It will be on the city council agenda this coming Tuesday, the 27th for consideration."

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It's the final hurdle before bringing the tradition north from Port Arthur. 

"I'm hoping that they will all be in favor of it, but I don't know the answer to that," said Ames. "I have gotten a very positive response from the citizens."

She says Beaumont's size and facilities will help host an event this big.

Beaumont's Robin Troy said she's "Very excited, it's been a long time coming, it has."

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For some people in Port Arthur, the possibility of this move is bittersweet.

 "We enjoy it, we hate it's going to be leaving and now it won't be walking for me it will be driving, said Port Arthur resident Michael Jaco.

He grew up walking to the celebration on Procter Street in Port Arthur.

"It has been an asset to Port Arthur, but let's just move it over to Beaumont. Let's continue to support it because we have children and we want everybody to be a part of Mardi Gras, it's a fun time."

"We have all this expansion that's going on and all of these families with people who are coming here to work," said Troy. "The more we can offer them the better."

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Although Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas in Beaumont is not yet official, plans of what it could like are already in the works.  

Mayor Ames says the parades will between two and two-and-a-half miles long and center around the Civic Center. 

The route isn't finalized but could be altered depending on the number of floats and Mayor Ames anticipates each parade will be different each day. 

There will also be different venues for kids and adults. 

On the lakeside, they'll be entertainment venues and vendors.

A carnival for the kids would be set up on the Great Lawn side, near MLK.

"It will be all downtown, so it won't be going through any neighborhoods," said Ames. "They'll be four parades, it's a four-day event Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Again, these plans are pending and could change.

It's still unclear how long the contract for Mardi Gras in Beaumont will last if the vote gets approved.