PORT ARTHUR — A Port Arthur man said he wants to leave his apartment complex after it was damaged by a fire that killed three young children last week.

Jose Argueta said the apartment managers wanted him to pay a fee because he wanted to break his lease.

Argueta has lived inside his smoke-filled apartment which was filled with soot ever since the fatal fire on July 4.

“I can't live there anymore, I'm looking for another place but this isn't safe,” said Argueta.

His wife and baby girl who has health problems stayed with his sister for a few days to get away from the smell.

Argueta packed up his belongings and told the apartment complex he was leaving but the managers told him he needed to pay for breaking his lease.

"It makes me feel bad, I already spent money to pay for the other place and I pay here too,” said Argueta.

Luckily, he has friends from work like Angela Stout who are trying to help him.

"He's been struggling, he’s having a hard time, hes worried I could tell he wasn’t sleeping so we tried to step in and see what we can do to get something done for him,” said Stout.

Stout said there are looking into legal help to get his deposit back as well as his pay for this month's rent.

Argueta said at the end of the day he wants to have a safe place for him and his family to live.