A large dice game in a south Beaumont home was interrupted late Wednesday night by a pair of armed robbers, one of whom shot a 56-year-old woman after she refused to hand over her money.

The woman, who police did not identify, was shot twice after one of the robbers became agitated when she refused to give them her money and began shooting into the house as they left according to a release by the Beaumont Police Department.

Officers responded to a home in the 600 block of E. Pipkin for a reported shooting at about 11 p.m.

Investigators say about 15-20 people were in the home playing dice when two armed, masked men approached a 28-year-old woman outside the home, put a pistol to hear head and forced her into the home.

A neighbor, who did not want to show or release his name due to safety reasons, told 12News he is ready to move out because of the scary incident.

"I heard three shots! I was about to go to bed and the next thing I know I come outside and the ambulance and police are everywhere."

The man said he was very disturbed and said: "I got to move. I'm moving out! I'll be out by next week!"

One robber is described as a black male, 180 pounds, 5'8", wearing a silver and gold skeleton mask, brown Michael Jordan shoes and black gym shorts the release said.

The other is described as a a black male, 170 pounds, 6'2", wearing a black sweat shirt, red bandanna, and red gym shorts according to the release.

Most of the dice player complied with the robbers' demands for money but when the 56-year-old woman balked at giving up her money one of the robbers became more aggressive the release said.

The woman was transported to Christus St. Elizabeth for treatment and police say she is in stable condition.

Officers made four aggravated robbery reports and one aggravated assault report. even though the victims were not cooperative according to the release.