KYLE, Texas — Kyle residents got a crazier firework show than they expected this Fourth of July.

It was advertised as the largest fireworks show in the city's history. According to the City of Kyle, a malfunction about 10 minutes into the City's firework show at Plum Creek Golf Course caused multiple fireworks to light at the same time.

The City said no one was injured, and there is no property damage aside from burnt grass. The show is also insured.

"A little firework kind-of went off, like blew up on the ground before, like a couple minutes before it all happened," said Marshall Wagers, a 16-year-old who captured it all on video. "And then they just shot in every direction."

The explosion caused a few small grass fires, which were quickly put out by the Kyle Fire Department, who were already on scene.

"Our brush truck carries 400 gallons of water on it, and so we're able to quickly extinguish some things. The terrain's pretty good out there for us," Fire Marshal Mark Schultz said.

The $30,000 show was put on by Pyro Shows of Texas. The company's general manager, Chad Stanley, told KVUE he will work with Kyle to make sure the city is taken care of and apologized that the community couldn't enjoy all the fireworks.

WATCH: Malfunction causes several fireworks to go off at once during Kyle show

He explained that the firework shells are kept in pipes next to each other. If one firework malfunctions, it can set off the rest of them. As more gas fills the pipes, it "snowballs" and creates a tremendous amount of force, Stanley said.

The company has contracted with the city for the last six years for Independence Day celebrations. Stanley said Thursday was a rare incident, and he hasn't seen anything like it in about 20 years.

Walking through the golf course on Thursday morning, you could see the burnt patches of grass.

Wagers took home two souvenirs from the celebration: remnants of the pipes that were used to hold the fireworks, which he said flew through the air. 

"You always see it online and like, you don't ever think it'll happen to you. But then it like, actually happened so it was kind-of funny but then I was like, 'We need to get out of the way,'" Wagers said. 

Based on the vantage point from Wagers' video, city officials said he and his friend were likely too close to the safety barrier created around the firework launching area.

The City is exploring options for either a re-show or adding onto the fireworks display during the Kyle "Pie in the Sky" festival over Labor Day weekend.

WATCH: Spectacular firework show caused by malfunction in Kyle


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