A major "bogey" for many people who live along Belle Oaks Golf Club on Taylor Bayou.

Some say what was once an attraction, is now a large piece of unattended grass and many homeowners are not happy with.

Dolores Duhon has been living in her new home since 2014.

She says one of the advantages of buying that property was the Homeowners Association.

Some amenities offered were a golf course, a private boat launch, and a gated community.

But years after she spent thousands of dollars looking for a place to live, things changed.

She says developers are no longer going to offer those amenities.

“The golf course is now gone, it is over grown, and we do not have a nice back yard,” she says.
“We do not have a private boat launch because the community is not gated, and we do not have a gate for safety reasons,”

Not only is she worried for the safety of her daughter, she is now concerned in the drop of her property value.

Duhon says her house was valued at $269,000 when the house was built in 2012.

The moment she bought her home in 2014, the value dropped to $219,000.

She says, now that her home is missing the view of the golf course, she can't imagine how much the value has dropped.

“In the end, it's about safety and finances, a homeowner has less, and this is all we have,” says Duhon.

"The closure is very unfortunate since the golf businesses are under stress." says land developer Brian Phelps, "A lot of courses are closing and changes will soon be taking place, but the golf course will not be moving forward at this time."

Duhon says she now regrets buying her home.

“if they can't come with those promises they gave me, then I would like them to buy me out,” says Duhon.

The developer also said the home owners association is working to provide a gated entrance to the community, in order to provide safety to homeowners.