Rose City is still without water after being hit by hard by Harvey a month ago. And with water not being able to be restored until the end of the week, Vidor resident Melody Rider is trying to help the best she knows how.

“So the first thing I thought of is laundry,” said Rider. “That’s a real practical thing that people need done right now.”

She started Sunday by going around Rose City and asking people if they needed help. Luanne Clymire was the first to accept.

“You know there is still some good people left in this world, and I’m just happy that she came along and wanted to do my laundry,” said Clymire.

Because like many residents in Rose City, Clymire is still living in a tough conditions

“Awful,” said Clymire. “We’ve had to fill up a 55 gallon drum and make us a makeshift shower out of the back of our truck. And we are living in a tent.”

As for the water in Rose City, Rusty Robinson with Jet Aeration says the problem should be resolved soon.

“We should have everything up in running within a week,” said Robinson. “The key thing is the water will be non-potable for a while until we are able to disinfect all the lines because everything was submerged underwater. And once the line has been disinfected and adequate samples have been pulled, and the water has been proven safe to drink, then we can release it for consumption.”

For now, Rider is still trying to help.

“If I can get names and numbers of people that need their laundry done I can plug them in to people that will do their laundry,” said Rider.

There are still supplies for Rose City residents at Rose City, City Hall. Rider says that if you need help or if you are looking to volunteer to do laundry for a Rose City resident, you can call or text her at (409)790-6044. Or reach out to her on the ‘Rose City Harvey Damage’ Facebook page.