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Longtime China resident wants drivers to slow down in his neighborhood

China resident puts up a speed limit sign in front of his house to slow down drivers.

CHINA, Texas — The city of China doesn't have a police department, so they rely on Jefferson County Sheriff Department to enforce traffic citations. A man who only wanted to be identified as 'Mr. Guillory' put up a speed limit sign to serve as a reminder to drivers. 

"They be flying in front of my yard, and I got grandchildren who play here. So that is why I put up the sign," Guillory said. 

Throughout the city, you will find various signs that say "drive like your kids live here." Those signs were put up by the city's mayor, John Walker. It's an incentive that has become near and dear to his heart.

TX-DOT said they do not encourage citizens to put up their own signs up, even if it is identical to an official sign. A representative told me that if the roads needed another sign, TX-DOT would put it there. 

Earlier this month, a man 66-year-old man was hit and killed on Guillory's street on South Broadway. Investigators said he was "curled up" and lying in the road.

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"..It's bad, they [need] to slow down. They ain't in that much of a hurry, to go where? Run over somebody else," Guillory said.

12News also reached out to the Jefferson County sheriff's office for this story. A spokesperson said the office is checking into how often deputies patrol in China.