Over a dozen pastors and local NAACP members held a press conference seeking answers for the death of Shalala Fletcher.

The Press conference was held on the footsteps of the Jefferson County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon.

Police say an off duty security guard shot Fletcher.

The incident happened after two men she was with stole beer from inside Express Mart convenient store on Jimmy Johnson Boulevard in Port Arthur.

“At no point do we support or condone criminal activity,” says Pastor Randy Vaughn of Mt. Sinai Baprist Church in Port Arthur.

The press conference included a wide range of speakers, such as various Pastors and the president of the Port Arthur chapter of the NAACP.

Pastor Vaughn says that if someone breaks the law, then justice demands prosecution.

“For there to be justice, it must apply to all and not some, otherwise there is no justice,” says Pastor Vaughn.

The NAACP and group of pastors say they have met with the Port Arthur Police Chief and District Attorney’s office, but they have yet to receive answers.