Thursday Crime Stoppers and Beaumont PD are launching a new initiative called “Gun 250” in another effort to get illegal guns off the street. The initiative encourages citizens to give information about persons illegally possessing a firearm and could earn them up to $250. Pastor John Adolph says “Gun 250” can’t come sooner.

“Never in 21 years have I ever personally witnessed the kind of gun violence that we are witnessing now,” said Pastor Adolph.

Pastor Adolph even had a member of his Antioch Missionary Baptist Church tragically die on August 13th in a shooting. Everett Maurice Mitchell Jr, shot by Deremick Jammal Hunter.

“To watch his mother have to call our church and make funeral arrangements for a young man, 33, it’s just disheartening,” said Adolph.

“Even though Adolph believes events like gun buy backs could be more successful, he believes these initiatives show a unified front against gun violence.”

“What we need is an outward sign of total solidarity from a community that says, we don’t support that (violence),” said Adolph.

Hopefully ridding the city of unnecessary violence.