A local non-profit group is pleading for your help, a funding cut has forced the "Orange Community Action Association" to look for different methods in keeping the "Meals on Wheels" program running.

Johnetha Brown has been working for the non-profit for more than 10 years.

She says, “We’re the only people that our clients see, so it makes me feel good to see a smile on their face.”

The group primarily operates "Meals on Wheels", and they serve almost 400 meals every day.

“Now I'm out even running routs, working in the kitchen when I’m supposed to be in the office,” says Brown.

A lack of funding has forced extra duties on many employees, making it really tough for Orange Community Action Association Director Linda Hughes.

“We’re short staffed, shorthanded, lack of vehicles, I feel like since I'm asking for help this time, someone would help us get over the hump,” explains Hughes.

If the non-profit was to close down, Brown says it would be terrifying especially for the clients.

“I know I'll be alright,” she says, “It’s the clients I'm really worried about because they really need the meals on the daily basis.”

The group says they're seeking for volunteers and donations.

If you're interested in how to help this group continue to feed the elderly, make sure you call them at

Juan Rodriguez