ORANGEFIELD — At a school that is still recovering from Tropical Storm Harvey, there's one student who strives each and every day to put a smile on peoples faces.

Kindness is contagious and that is something 17-year-old Bret Trumble makes a point to prove.

Bret is a senior at Orangefield High School. In-between each class period Brett holds the door for all who pass through and holds a sign. The sign is made from a simple piece of notebook paper but the words on carry a big message.

“It’s something nice to do for everyone at school and I got sick of seeing people throw themselves into the door to keep it open," Bret said.

Many of Bret's close friends were in the grade about him so he set out on his senior year with a goal to meet more faces but it means more to him than that.

“It makes me feel awesome. I know I’m helping them. No matter what they are probably going through," Trumble said. "Whether it just made their day or they are actually going through something in their lives that is troublesome.”

Zach Quinn, Principal of Orangefield High School, said that seeing Bret embark on this new charge has been incredible to see.

“It’s been really cool to see Bret do this," Principal Quinn said. “It’s something that he’s been doing since the beginning of school just trying to spread the positivity. It’s been contagious, and it’s been really neat to see.”

The impact has been felt campus-wide. Principal Quinn said even the teachers have gained something from Bret's initiative.

“For a kid to take on this and own this and try to be an example and light to other students. It’s just amazing," Principal Quinn said.

The notes say something different each day. Messages that would resonate with young adults.

“You’re someone’s reason to smile. You’re important to someone. You deserve love and good things," Bret said.

Bret said this is something he will continue until he graduates and something he'll cherish in his next chapter.