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Lawmakers pass bill to ban high-level nuclear waste in Texas

State Representative Landgraf said this is a big win for Andrews and the Permian Basin.

ANDREWS, Texas — State Lawmakers are passing House Bill 7. This bill will ban storing or disposing of high-level radioactive waste in Texas. 

"The state of Texas has sent a very strong message to the federal government, to the Biden Administration and to the NRC that we don't want to be the dumping ground for the nations radioactive, high-level radioactive waste," said State Representative, Brooks Landgraf.

It was signed off in the House after the Senate also signed off on the amendments. 

"This was an effort that started with the people, worked up through local government and finally made it's way up here to the Texas capitol and so what started in Andrews is allowing us to send a very strong message to Washington," said Landgraf.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and their staff issued an approval recommendation in July to allow high-level waste to be stored in Andrews, and despite the bill passing, it could still happen if the NRC decides to go through with it.

"We have drawn battle lines if you will, we've made our position very clear here in Texas and if the NRC wants to take a contrary position then they're free to do so but that will result in another fight and we'll be here to fight it," said Landgraf.

At this moment, waste control specialists are storing low-level nuclear waste in Andrews County.

House Bill 7 has one more step, but since over two-thirds of the House and Senate approved it, it is already in effect.

"Its on its way to governor Abbott's desk for his signature but this is a big win for the safety of Andrews County and the safety of the Permian Basin," said Landgraf