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Law enforcement gearing up for large crowds at Go Topless Weekend 2021

Galveston County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Douglas Hudson says deputies are prepared to keep law and order.

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas — Hundreds maybe even thousands are expected to roll up on the Bolivar Peninsula for Go Topless Jeep Weekend. It's a weekend that has seen several arrests and shootings in the past.

Last year was so wild that police had to shut down partiers on Crystal Beach even after COVID-19 canceled the event.

Galveston County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Douglas Hudson says law enforcement officers are prepared to keep law and order.

The Galveston County Sheriff's Office will have an increased presence along Bolivar Peninsula through Sunday with around 60 deputies patrolling the beach and more stationed down by the ferry.

Add 15 troopers along with Texas Search and Rescue, and you get the picture. Officials aren't leaving anything to chance.

"Typically, they have anywhere from 15 to 25 responders over there to assist with any kind of medical needs on the beach as well as any water safety rescues," Hudson said.

Hudson says jeep weekend has been a big event in Bolivar for the past eight to ten years, but it's really exploded in the last five years.

He wants everyone to have a great time but also to respect others and make safe decisions.

"We've always said 'everyone's welcome,’” Hudson said. “We just need everybody to behave and act accordingly. Be neighborly. Be nice towards one another, and we'll get through this hopefully unscathed."

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Harold Leblanc has owned Harold's Bait and Tackle in Crystal Beach for five years.

He's been around for more than a few jeep weekends and is looking forward to more customers coming in this weekend.

"We are so happy in welcoming the 'Jeepers' as we can. They are good people, and I love to see new faces in my tackle shop," LeBlanc said.

Leblanc says besides more business, seeing 'Jeepers' roll into Bolivar is a welcoming sight as they always take care of the beach and are friendly when visiting his store.

"When they leave, the beach is cleaner than when they got here. They are really good people," LeBlanc said.

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