Visitors in downtown Beaumont will notice a beehive of activity around the Port as a large amount of military cargo from Fort Riley, Kansas is loaded onto ships via a train and truck.

The Army's 842nd Transportation Battalion, 597th Transportation Brigade Surface Deployment and Distribution Command allowed 12News to bring you to a front-row seat to see the doings at the Port of Beaumont Tuesday morning as over 2,500 heavy armor tracked vehicles and other pieces of military hardware began moving through the Port.

The Army is observing one of the most significant deployments at the Port. Equipment from Kansas will arrive in Beaumont day and night for delivery to destinations throughout Europe. According to the Army, the operation is to speed up the process of shipping 2,500 units of military hardware from Fort Riley, Kansas, to it's final destination.

On Monday, President Donald Trump authorized a major deployment of U.S. Troops to Afghanistan.

"I can tell you this mission has nothing to do with the president's recent remarks," said Donald Santillo, the Battalion Commander for the 842nd Transportation Battalion.