BEAUMONT, Texas — A Lamar University student says he's making a push for unity after a old racist tweet from another student resurfaced online. 

Michael Mitchell said he was angry when he saw the 5-year-old tweet, and decided to respond with a different approach.

Mitchell chose to use the power of social media with a video he created last spring. 

The video, posted on the first day of classes at Lamar University, highlights the many black student leaders on campus. 

"Unifying is very important. We have to come together and see what we can do in order to make sure we all feel as one," Mitchell said.  

The racist tweet, which used the 'n' word, resurfaced recently and although the video was made last semester, Mitchell said he saw an opportunity to teach instead of criticize. 

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"We can actually make a stand and basically say 'we are more than just students, we're African American leaders,' so we came and we met up to see how we could unite everybody and bring an end to this," Mitchell said. 

The university acted quickly to condemn the tweet. 

A spokesperson for the school told 12News on Tuesday, "The students of Lamar University have handled this situation perfectly. They've come together to talk about this issue, brainstorm ways to prevent issues in the future, and committed to working together." 

Mitchell said the university has started taking steps to promote inclusion to try to keep something like this from happening again. 

He said this is just the beginning. 

"Continue to educate. Continue to educate the student body about what is tolerated and what's not tolerated. What's freedom of speech and what is hate speech," Mitchell said.