BEAUMONT, Texas — As the number of new coronavirus cases increases, Lamar University cancelled all study abroad trips for this school year.

The university made the announcement Friday, March 7 and said the decision was "out of care and concern for its faculty, staff and students."   

"At this time with the prevalence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its continuing spread across the world, the university is unwilling to risk one student’s health and safety," the university said in an announcement email. 

Lamar University will be fully refunding all payments made for study abroad programs. 

Jailen Wheeler is a Lamar student. He says the cancellation was a good move.

"It got so global. I feel like they should they should take the steps to say, alright let's keep our students safe," Wheeler said. 

The university said it is still "committed to a robust study abroad program and providing students with an enriching global experience." The announcement also said the school would be offering students advising support to make sure students are still able to graduate and complete their degree programs. 

William Lack also attends Lamar, and says he agrees with the decision. 

"I would do the same thing, like definitely, how can you risk something like that? If it's very hard to risk something like that because it's not only their life but other people potentially," Lack said. 

Lamar University said the school is accepting proposals for study abroad programs for next year and "expects all programs to resume after this horrific disease is contained and / or eradicated."

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