LABELLE — A LaBelle woman claiming there's a mail mix-up in rural areas of Jefferson County.

Courtney Revia says some packages are not delivered and regular mail is running late.

Late mail and packages that never show up are some issues that she and other residents of rural Jefferson County are dealing with."

Revia has lived in LaBelle all of her life but says recently mail delivery has not met normal standards.

Courtney hasn't seen a Christmas gift for her daughters she ordered in October.

That package shipped to the Beaumont post office on Avenue A but was lost, she says.

One perishable package that was delivered seven days late was stuffed into her mailbox.

"It's obviously some sort of an issue with the Post Office, it's not a personal issue but it's a rural issue, the rural routes are suffering," Revia said.

During an interview, a postal worker delivered Revia’s mail a few hours late.

"Two hours late is better than not at all," Revia remarked.

The small business owner has gone to the post office to file a complaint.

A media spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service says she will research if there are any issues.

"Something needs to change, we can't just keep losing our packages," Revia said.

Parcels delivered on time could bring peace of mind to Revia.

The USPS spokesperson encourages anyone experiencing issues with their mail delivery to contact their local post office.