Kids from all over Southeast Texas are having the opportunity to showcase their animals for auction.

The live auction is taking place at the YMBL South Texas State Fair.

Dozens of pigs filled the pins, but there’s two named Bonnie and Clyde, who were raised in Kountze.

“You wake up around 6 o'clock, by 6:30 you get dressed to go to school, after school you either feed your pig and walk it, depending on how late you get there,” says Hayden Holland, one of the young farmers at the auction.

Hayden and Colt Holland are just two of the many little farmers, and being able to showcase their pig Bonnie means a lot to them.

They say raising these animals can get really tough.

“I think it's really important because it teaches them a lot of responsibilities,” says their father Jeremy Holland

“Not only do they have to care for these pigs, but they also get attached and learn to let go,” his father says.

It's those early mornings that are creating a bond between the little farmer and the animal.

“It’s a lot of hard work you put into the pig and you get attached to them,” Hayden says.

A special attachment in caring for an animal, Hayden says he will soon learn how to let go.

“I’ll probably say goodbye for a while, then go home and cry,” he explains.

Hayden says that he's going to use the money he makes to go to Texas A&M and become an engineer.