SABINE PASS, Texas — Drivers in Sabine Pass are dodging some serious potholes on Jetty Road.

Some fishermen say it's holding them back from fishing beyond a certain point.

Chris Weeks and Cory Hulin have been fishing on Sabine Pass their entire lives. The two run a Kayak Facebook group and visit the lake frequently. 

Weeks said over the past six or seven years, the potholes have only gotten worse. He said every vehicle that's gotten stuck in one particular pothole has been totaled. 

"People are unaware of the dangers of it and they come down here to fish, and next thing they know their vehicle's being totaled out because they sank," he said. 

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Weeks said back when there was a Pilot station, the road was asphalt, and kept up. Since then, it's deteriorated. He keeps chains, cables and ropes with him at all times just in case someone gets stuck and they need to be pulled out. 

Like Weeks, Hulan has seen several cars damaged by the pothole. He said it deters him from fishing out past that point. 

"I don't like coming this far because of this, not only totaling out your vehicle, but it's real harsh on your vehicle," Hulan said. 

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He's personally seen cars totaled there at least once a month. Because the water is so murky, Hulan said the only way to tell how deep the hole is, is to get out and check. He warned he wouldn't even attempt to go that far in a car. However, with the wildlife refuge, Texas Point, and the lower Sabine Lake, Hulan said there's lots of good fishing in that area you don't get just anywhere. 

Port Arthur Councilman Raymond Scott told 12News over the phone he wasn't aware of the issue. He said if anyone has road concerns, to bring them to him directly. 

Weeks and Hulan said many people who fish in there are worried that the city will just close off the road, instead of fixing it. 

Weeks said they would absolutely hate to see the area closed off. He said the road is the only access to Texas Point to fish and duck hunt, and they'd hate to lose it. 

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"Port Arthur is already losing all of its fishing area, Sabine Lake is one of the prime areas in Texas to fish, and if they close this off then we're losing another place to possibly fish," he explained. 

Weeks said it's more than just a fishing spot for him, and many others. On top of also being a place to kayak and hunt, it's a place they grew up. Weeks' dad was a Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard. Sabine Pass is where he taught Weeks how to hunt and fish. 

"He passed not too long ago, so I'd hate to lose this area and those memories that I had with him," Weeks said. 

Weeks said the issue is only getting progressively worse, and needs to be addressed. He and Hulin just want to see the holes filled at a minimum. 

"Just to make it accessible for vehicles without dangers, being a dirt road isn't a problem, it's just the holes we'd like to see fixed," Weeks said. 

Hulin said even if the city could fill in the main pothole, that would be great. Getting a grater out there would be even better if possible. 

Weeks said with the city's permission, he and several others would be willing to fix the pothole problem themselves. They've considered making a GoFundMe account for supplies. 

"If we're allowed to, we'd like to at least help," Weeks said. 

This is a developing story. We will continue to update as we learn new information.