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Jefferson County officials working to find location of displaced voters

The Jefferson County voter registrar is trying to confirm the addresses of over 18,000 voters for this election year.

Over 18,000 people's addresses have not been confirmed with the Jefferson County voter registrar this election year.

That number of people is an increase from the average 12,000, and the reason for the increase is likely due to residents displaced by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Joe Evans ran for Jefferson County Commissioner of Precinct One in 2016.

He’s interested to see the outcome of this year’s elections, including the race for Jefferson County Judge.

"It's not a primary, but that's a race for the chief executive of the county, so that's going to be an interesting race," Evans said.

Thousands of displaced voters may have an impact on this year’s election, which is a concern for Evans.

"There's a couple of questions you have to ask yourself: are they displaced permanently? And if they're displaced permanently, those are votes that'll just never come back," Evans said.

The Jefferson County tax assessor-collector, and voter registrar, Allison Nathan Getz is trying to figure out where those residents live.

Over 18,000 people are on a suspense list. Getz says normally around 12,000 names are on that list.

"The concern is that we have residents that believe they may not be able to vote in the upcoming elections. And regardless of where you're currently living, you're still registered to vote in Jefferson County unless you re-registered in another county," Getz said.

Evans hopes all registered voters are ready to return to the polls.

"I just hope people show up, that people actively participate,” Evans said.

The voter registration deadline for primary elections ended on February 5, however residents can still vote in the primaries and in the general elections in November.