JEFFERSON COUNTY — People on both sides of the aisle called the outcome of Tuesday's elections in Jefferson County Historic. Democrats and Republicans split the major county offices.

Both the Jefferson County Democratic and Republican party chairs feel they walked away with a win last night.

Jefferson County voters had to decide the outcome of six contested races Tuesday. Both democratic party chair Cade Bernsen, and republican party chairwoman Judy Nichols agree the election was historic.

"These are tight, tight races and obviously we want to sweep every time we run," said Bernsen.

Bernsen said he's proud of democrats for winning four of the six races.

"I do consider it a win it's not the win that we wanted and that we worked so very hard for," said Bernsen.

Republicans won the County Judge and 172nd District Court battle. Bernsen believes a lot of factors could have played into the results.

"Harvey had something to do with it because we had thousands of displaced residents in Port Arthur and we did not, this county, it's a fact, did not make priority to get people back in homes," said Bernsen.

Bernsen said the county makes it difficult for people that are displaced to cast their votes. He also believes issues with the mail-in ballots and voter suppression played a role.

Republican chairwoman Judy Nichols says the GOP has a lot to celebrate.

"Now that Jefferson County is a viable, two-party system we can compete and produce the best leadership in our community," said Nichols.

She said this is the first time in more than a hundred years that republicans won the contested District and County Judge seats.

"Anytime a Republican won in Jefferson county in the past it was news, now we're looking to the future it being normal," said Nichols.

Nichols felt the way the Democratic party has branded itself nationally made the red vote an easy choice for southeast Texans.

"Nationally they have an image that can be hash tagged mobs and nationally the republicans are creating a brand that can be described best as hashtag jobs," said Nichols.

Both parties congratulated the winning candidates and said they look forward to working together for Jefferson County.