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Jasper County Sheriff and friends met with gunfire while frog hunting on public lake

The accused gunman is facing three counts of deadly conduct charges and three counts of hunter harassment.

SABINE COUNTY, Texas — The Jasper County Sheriff and his friends are rescheduling a frog hunting day after a man took extreme measures to make sure the group didn’t catch any frogs in a Sabine County lake.

Every year the group catches frogs for an event they hold with the local volunteer fire department. They serve fish and frog legs to the community at the annual event that's happening in late October.

On Wednesday evening, they were at Toledo Bend in an area known as Jacks Landing. Instead of catching frogs, the group was caught by surprise as gunfire erupted.

"We pulled into an area to catch frogs and a man fired one shot in the air and one shot in the bank near us and one into the water. After we got to the boat ramp, he fired more shots," Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman said.

The sheriff said alcohol is believed to have been involved.

"He was mad because we were frog hunting, and he didn't want us on the lake, but the lake is public water," Newman said.

The group had guns with them but didn't fire back, according to Newman. He called Sabine County law enforcement officials and the Texas Game Wardens responded to the scene. 

The accused gunman is facing three counts of deadly conduct and three counts of hunter harassment, Newman said.

The name of the man who was shooting at them has not yet been released.

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This is a developing story. We will update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

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