BEAUMONT, Texas — In one Beaumont neighborhood, piles of debris and household items can be seen lining the streets, damaged from Imelda's flooding. 

One woman knows even though she's lost a lot, there are a lot of people worse off.

Paulette is having to discard a piano she bought in 1973, and like the rest of Imelda's victims, is left with some questions. 

Insurance companies in the Southeast Texas area are working to answer some of those questions, at agencies like Farmers Insurance. 

April Tolbert said it's been a bit of a hectic week for them after Imelda swept through.  

Tolbert says the reality is that what's covered is really depends on the case. The best thing you can do is file your claim as soon as possible.

"Flood insurance is so different than your home insurance and wind insurance, what is and isn't covered does vary with flood insurance. So I always tell people you have to defer to the adjuster you have as to what is covered and not covered," Tolbert said. 

But in the end many know, some things will be gone for good. 

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