Instead of giving out speeding tickets, a Silsbee police officer handed out gifts to several people on Christmas Eve.

Officer Grant Brown swapped out part of his uniform for a festive onesie as he gave out candy canes, teddy bears and stickers to several kids at Walmart, Sunday.

“The past couple of days people were in such high spirits with Christmas and everything, it just is good to make people smile,” said Officer Brown.

Along with the kids, Officer Brown also pulled some people over and asked them to say Merry Christmas.

Brown said at first some people were uptight that an officer pulled them over, but then people like Candis Hartt took it lightly when they learned he was there to celebrate the holidays.

“I was probably speeding but luckily that wasn't the case. this year's been a hard year for a lot of people, so just bringing a little bit of Christmas joy and fun to the holidays meant a whole lot to our family and I know it did to a lot of others as well,” said Hartt.

A Facebook post from the Silsbee Police Department showing officer Brown ins his onesie has gained over one hundred shares.

“The chief thought it was funny, posted it to Facebook and here we are today shares and all of that,” said Officer Brown.

Officer Brown also felt in light of the community being affected by Harvey and several other tragedies this year that it was important to spread Christmas cheer.

“This area has been devastated by the hurricanes so we are just trying to lift some spirits,” said Officer Brown.