BEVIL OAKS, Texas — The City of Bevil Oaks has been through it all when it comes to natural disasters. For some homes in the area this was their third flood. That's enough to make anyone throw in the towel. But instead of moving out, these homeowners are moving up. 

Excello Homes is an elevation company based in Beaumont but they raise homes all over the United States. A home on Sweetgum Road is the company's first home to do after Tropical Storm Imelda. 

Jim Griffin, Owner of Excello Homes, says the homes are raised six feet off the ground. He says it's a good alternative rather than tearing down your home.

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"It's not a question of if Bevil Oaks is going to flood again it's when they're going to flood again," Griffin said. "This will allow people to be able to stay, live here. It's a beautiful area."

The City of Bevil Oaks was just recently awarded a grant from FEMA to elevate 30 homes. Its called the Hazard Mitigation Grant. Right now Bevil Oaks Mayor, Rebecca Ford, is working to apply for another grant. 

"The more the better," Mayor Ford said. "We just want to help as many people as we can."

So far there is a list of at least 20 additional homes. She's hoping to have more. To qualify you must have flooded in Tropical Storm Imelda and you had to have flood insurance at the time. 

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Jim Griffin says each home differs when it comes to the cost but the elevation process is close to $100,000. 

"These kinds of things would keep people from going though this over and over again," Griffin said.

The first grant was originally only to elevate the homes of residents who were below the base flood elevation. The next grant would extend that to residents who are above base flood elevation.

Ford said she’s not sure how many people the city will need to apply for a second grant, so she’s asking for as many people as are interested to let her know.

Contact Bevil Oaks City Hall at 409-753-1475 or 409-753-2126.