BEAUMONT, Texas — 'Closed' signs can be seen outside of many businesses along the stretch of I-10 that runs through Beaumont. It's the many stores and restaurants that fell victim to Imelda almost a month ago. Many of them are still closed.

"We got about 6 inches of water inside the front and the back of the restaurant," Twin Peaks General Manager Eric Moore said.

Moore says his restaurant, like so many other businesses in the area, are still working on coming back.

"Overall it's been getting getting it in, getting it out getting it repaired, and getting it done as quickly as possible," Moore said.

Not too much further down the road, there's a different business with a similar story.

Richard Bourgeois, who runs the Cowboy Harley Davidson dealership in Beaumont says, they still have a ways to go before they're back up and running again.

"We had, unfortunately, four locations, four buildings that took on water. anywhere from 2 inch to 12 inch levels. November 1 is our projected date to be open. Maybe not at 100 percent functional but at a high enough capacity we can do some business," Bourgeois said.

Moore says Twin Peaks was a little bit more fortunate. He says they plan on being back open within the next two weeks.

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"It's been a big process but it's going pretty smooth because we have a lot of people working seven days a week to get it going back up," Moore said.

He says it's a re-opening they are looking forward too.

"It feels great, we're ready to get done with this part of it, and get back to doing what we do in Beaumont and that's serve great food and cold beer," Moore said.