Daphne Redeaux has lived in Beaumont for over 60 years. She has been coming to this parade for a long time and says it's more than just a culture. She says its a legacy and a dream we need to keep alive.

A dream Jefferson County Sheriff, Zena Stephens is thanksful for. She credits Dr. King and others for her success and says its because of their push for change she is where she is today.

"If it were not for guys like him and their dreams, I wouldn't be here today as one of the first female sheriffs', the first African American sheriff for Jefferson County."

Families lines the street of Highland Avenue, located near Lamar University to watch the floats pass by. The parade had a host of school bands, cheerleaders, drill teams and many community leaders.

A favorite for the children, the candy and treats.

Everyone celebrating the life of a man that stood up for many to bring change to America.

A change both Sheriff Stephens and Redeaux hop people will not soon forget.