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MONEY MAY: How to save cash on gas as prices at the pump increase

AAA says if you take certain measures, you can possibly relieve some of the pain at the pumps.

BEAUMONT, Texas — As the summer travel season kicks off there could be more pain at the pump.
As of Friday, there’s another all-time high for gas prices in the Beaumont, Port Arthur area.

The average amount for regular gas at the pump is $4.27. A week ago, we were sitting at $4.09.

And according to a JPMorgan analyst, the national average per gallon price could reach $6.20 this summer.

The American Automobile Association says if you take certain measures, you can possibly relieve some of the pain at the pumps.

“When we talk about where gas prices are going to be going as we get into the summer of likely we're going to continue to see these elevated gas prices,” said Joshua Zuber a spokesperson with AAA.

He said the upkeep of your car has a lot to do with fuel efficiency.

“When we talked about making sure your vehicle is fuel-efficient, that starts with vehicle maintenance,” Zuber said. “We're talking about your battery engine as well as your tires, especially your tire pressure.”

Another gas tip and trick is driving on cruise control.

“We talked about the speed limit, following the speed limit, you know, don't slam on the gas. Hard acceleration can greatly increase your fuel consumption when you're on the road,” Zuber said.

Zuber said these tips have shown to be helpful to drivers, but it doesn't take away the sticker shock.

Southeast Texas set another record Friday. It’s the most expensive gas has ever been.

“It's horrible right now. I mean I work in Port Arthur, but this is bad. this is killing us right now. Just the gas prices are killing us,” said driver Cristina Canchola.

Canchola said it nearly takes "double" what she's used to paying to fill up her tank.

“I normally drive a truck and two years ago it was fantastic. $25 got me over a half a tank now it probably won't even give me a quarter,” Canchola said.

Zuber said waiting until your tank is close to E will have you digging deeper into your pockets.

“You want to make sure that you're filling up your tank basically when you get to a quarter of a tank,” Zuber said.

Another tip is to shop around for your gas. You can do that by using a site called TripTik to find the cheapest gas.

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