BEAUMONT — If you've gone to the Beaumont public library recently, you've probably seen 27-year-old Jonathan Helton.

Since November, Helton hasn't missed a day at the library studying hard for his upcoming A.C.T test.

"I stayed at the Salvation Army, and I couldn't afford to stay there anymore," Helton said.

Helton has been living on street since his grandmother got sick a year ago. He blames Beaumont city workers for "tossing" his study materials after leaving his backpack outside the downtown library last Sunday.

12News has learned that workers from the Parks and Recreation Department were responsible for removing Helton's backpack.

According to the library's supervisor, signs are placed on the library windows warning about how unattended items on the porch will be discarded. However, Helton believes a simple verbal warning would have been more appropriate.

"They treated us like we were trash, the way they handled it," Helton said.

Helton said even with the inconvenience, he is still determined to make the test Saturday morning at Lamar University.

A good friend of Helton has already supplied him with the materials he needs for the test.