An M&D Supply employee says customers are either shopping for few items or full-on hurricane supply kits.

Joycelyn Battles is one of many residents preparing for what Hurricane Harvey could bring to Southeast Texas.

Battles says she was happy to beat the rush and also check off batteries as the last item on her supply list.

"I got the water, the important papers, flashlight, food, non-perishable items to eat, package tuna, condiments, plastic utensils, I have all that ready," Battles said.

Her and other Southeast Texans are filling up their gas tanks and piling up sandbags in case of flooding.

Josh Dickinson, an M&D Supply employee says some items are more popular than others.

"We are actually completely out of generators, which is a first, we have never run out of generators in any inclement weather situation that I've been here for, we did run out of sandbags temporarily but we did get some back in stock," Dickinson said.

Battles says she will keep tracking the storm.

"I have a lot of concerns because I like to take heed, I keep my TV on the weather channel because I don't want to be blindsided," Battles said.

Dickinson said that their store may receive generators by Tuesday at the latest.