Hardin County officials are investigating reports of dog-fighting southeast of Kountze.

12News received several videos of dogs fighting in a ring. A public video shared on Snapchat showed several people crowded around a closed area.

The video appears to be taken near Shadow Lane and Haynes Loop near Highway 327.

A woman who lives off Haynes Loop said she heard dogs barking in a wooded area behind her home over the weekend but she didn’t think twice until she saw a post on social media of dogs fighting.

"I heard all the dogs barking and I didn't have the chance to investigate or see what was going on," said Sharon Haynes.

“I have grandkids out here and I don’t want them exposed to that.”

Hardin County deputies are working on authenticating the video of the dog fighting before they can use it as evidence, Sheriff Mark Davis said.

Sheriff Mark Davis said deputies are also trying to pinpoint the exact location of where the alleged dog fighting took place. He said he believes it happened nearby Highway 327.

Sheriff Davis said deputies have already talked to a few people shown in the video.

“It’s a criminal violation to attend as a spectator at a dog fight in Texas just as much as it is a criminal violation to be involved in the promoting or staging,” said Sheriff Davis.

Davis said in the past they have received calls about this before but they never found evidence.

He said deputies are also looking to see if the group in the video is involved in gang or drug activity.

"They aren't going to do this in the same place twice, people that do this kind of crime are very aware that they are attracting attention,” said Sheriff Davis.

The sheriff’s office is working with ASPCA and prosecutors on this case.

If you have any information you can call the sheriff's office at 409-246-5104.