A Hamshire man was heartbroken this morning when he found out his home was submerged in floodwater.

Tony Waldrop lives in the Sun Chase neighborhood off I-10 in Hamshire. After a heavy amount of rain from Harvey the whole entire neighborhood flooded which made it look like a huge lake.

harvey 2_1503968832764.jpg

Waldrop stared in silence as he approached the place he used to call home for the past 10 years.

The only way he was able to access his home was by riding with his friend in his boat.

Waldrop said his home has survived after going through several tropical storms in the past. He said he expected there to be some flooding from Harvey but never expected it to flood out his home.

“Not this bad no, I’ve had it come up to my house but not in it,” said Waldrop.

Several homes and cars in the neighborhood were surrounded by water.

A spokesperson for the Hamshire Volunteer Fire Department said about 45 groups of people were rescued from the neighborhood.

No fatalities were reported in the neighborhood.

It was hard for Waldrop to wade in ankle deep flood water surrounded by all of his belongings.

"Yep, this is everything I worked for all my life,” said Waldrop.

Waldrop said he was thankful he was able to get help from one of his good friends. He was there to help him gather personal items like his clothes, important papers and other household items.

He said his most precious items were pictures of his grandparents and lovely daughters.

Several people in the Sun Chase neighborhood used their own boats to get to their homes or chose to walk in waist high waters.

Waldrop said he is making the most out of this traumatic situation by focusing on the positives.

“I’m glad I have good friends to help me take care of things and help other people to see if they are helped," said Waldrop.