After an earthquake strikes the heart of Mexico City last Tuesday, a woman from Groves gets to reconnect with her brother and recalls the deadly earthquake.

"It should be a special day for me, but it's not for the families who lost a relative," says Ignacio Figueroa, who is a professor at UNAM in Mexico City.

What could have been a birthday call for Figueroa turned into a call of worry, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Mexico killing over 250 people last Tuesday.

"The city is really sad," Figueroa says.

"Something as simple as a FaceTime call was what connected both the victim of Harvey and Figueroa who just went through the earthquake.

"He called and hung up, it then took me 2 hours to communicate with him," says Norma Alvarez, Figueroa's sister.

"I knew the family was well after that, I felt better," she says.

Figueroa says that it was difficult for those from the United States to call them because the excessive calls would not go in.

While being emotionally shaken after Mexico city trembled, the sound of each others voice was a sign of relief among all the tragedy.

"All the help that is being sent from the United States is highly appreciated," Figueroa says.

"It makes me sad to see what is going on in Mexico," Alvarez says.

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