GROVES — The Groves Mayor had a major outburst when discussing the recall petition during a city council meeting on Monday night.

The petition to recall Groves city councilman Cross Coburn was re-filed on Monday due to invalid signatures.

“I’ve taken plenty of *ss chewing and I can take it but I won’t be humiliated,” said Mayor Brad Bailey.

Coburn’s attorney Jill pierce was at the meeting and decided to start recording the mayor after she said he was pointing at her client and discussing the recall petition.

According to our news partners at the Beaumont Enterprise, Mayor Bailey said he has the right to vote and won’t be humiliated because he signed a petition to remove Councilman Coburn from his seat.

The Beaumont Enterprise also reported that Bailey criticized Coburn for not apologizing for the photos. Coburn responded and said Bailey’s comments were childish and that he apologized for the mistake he made.

Pierce said she believes the mayor's actions at the meeting were inappropriate.

"He was so angry that it just reinforced my belief that he doesn't like councilman Coburn because of his sexuality," said Pierce.

A petition to recall councilman Coburn was re-field yesterday because of invalid signatures.

It was started by William Howlett after naked pictures of Coburn were sent to another person on a dating app then leaked to the media.

The first petition had over 1,000 signatures including the mayor, the mayor’s wife and another city council person. According to Pierce’s copy of the petition, the Mayor’s wife circulated several of the petitions for signatures.

"I’m just saying that it needs to be transparent who is driving this issue and why," said Pierce.

12news reached out to Mayor Bailey but did not hear back.


Pierce said even if the recall petition is certified by the city council on June 25 there won't be a recall election because of legal issues.

"I’ve read the city ordinance very carefully about recall petitions and I believe from day one Mr. Howlett violated the city ordinance,” said Pierce.

Pierce said a private investigator is trying to figure out who leaked the photos to the media but she believes that person works for the city.

Pierce explains the person who sent the photos of Coburn is guilty of a felony for unlawful disclosure or promotion of intimate or visual materials.

If there is a recall election it will be held on November 6.