GROVES — Retired Marine veteran Alan Schneider says he’s ‘paying it forward’ after receiving help from a complete stranger after Hurricane Harvey.

"It started from a bottle of water, to North Carolina and from North Carolina where's it going to go next year," Schneider said.

That simple bottle of water quickly grew into much more. He then decided to start a Facebook page called Veterans Paying it Forward, and when Hurricane Florence hit the East coast he ran to the rescue.

"The first trip we had ten pallets worth of stuff from mouthwash to pet food, diapers, deodorant you name it and it was there," Schneider said.

It was during that trip he realized help can come from people in many shapes and sizes.

"I had a three year old girl come up here with her mother and hand me a doll, she wanted me to give that doll to somebody over there," Schneider said.

Today Schneider is preparing to make a second trip back to the Carolinas Wednesday morning and hopes to help the people affected by Hurricane Michael shortly after.

He says it’s the communities continued support and donations that make all of this possible.

"I was thanking them because the people over there were calling us angels we just deliver. Everybody else that's brought stuff to us, they're the angels. They’re the ones that give us the chance to be over there being treated like royalty when really we're just the messengers," Schneider said.

Schneider says the deadline to drop off donations is Tuesday night. If you would like to donate something you can contact Alan Schneider through the Veterans Paying it Forward Facebook page.