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Grieving mother pleads for answers 3 years after her daughter was murdered in Port Arthur

While Jermel Newman hopes to one day face her daughter's killer in court, she knows that alone won't ease the pain of losing her only child, Jasmine Newman.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Thursday, October 20, 2022 will mark the three-year anniversary of the death of a beloved Port Arthur mom. 

Jasmine Newman was shot and killed October 20, 2019 at a party in the 1100 block of Vicksburg Avenue, right before her 23rd birthday.

Port Arthur Police say Jasmine Newman was an innocent bystander who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police say three years later, the case has run into a dead end. They're really hoping that receiving tips from the public will help them get to the bottom of this. 

Jermel Newman stood at the Live Oak Memorial Park Cemetery Tuesday where her daughter is buried, hoping to get Jasmine Newman's name back out there.

She wants her daughter's killer to remember that they took an only child, a generous friend and loving mother from the world. 

"I grieve everyday. There's not a day I don't stop grieving for my child. I'm in a dream, I'm numb, and I don't know if I'm ever going to get un-numb," Jermel Newman said. 

Credit: Jermel Newman

Jasmine Newman, who is a mother of two, was out that night in 2019 celebrating the day before her 23rd birthday. 

She was outside a house around 2:30 a.m. talking with friends, when she was shot. 

Three other people were also shot, but survived. 

"He grabbed me and said 'ma, listen,' I said what? he said, 'she died,' I said who died? 'he said Jas,' and I lost it. My life just been hard, hard, very hard, " Jermel Newman said. 

Credit: Jermel Newman

Port Arthur Police Chief Tim Duriso admits the case has gone cold and they aren't where they want to be in the investigation. 

"They had too many people out there, somebody knows what happened, we're asking them to come forward, use crime stoppers, you don't have to show us your face," Duriso said. 

The chief talks to Jermel Newman often and say's he's tired of cases like this.

"We're out here in the graveyard, this is ridiculous, we have guys who want to carry guns, you want to carry a gun? Join the military," he said. 

In three years, there have been no leads, but Jermel Newman is not giving up hope.

"I can't wait for that day to come, that I go to court, and just to see him, I wanna see him," she said. 

Credit: Jermel Newman

While Jermel Newman is hoping for justice, she knows that won't ease the pain of losing her only child.

"That I could hold her, kiss her, tell her I'm proud of her, momma miss you, I can't, she can't talk to me," she said. 

Jermel Newman is urging anyone with any information on Jasmine Newman's death to call Crime Stoppers.

Credit: KBMT

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