Texas Governor, Greg Abbott paid a visit to Port Arthur, Kountze and Orange today to speak to local officials about the latest on the Harvey recovery process. The discussions at Port Arthur city hall extended for nearly an hour.

"Just an amazing feeling to know he is looking out for the city of Port Arthur,” said Derrick Freeman, Major of Port Arthur.

Mayor Freeman says that Port Arthur received 10 million dollars from the state last week, but only about 20 percent of the debris has been removed so far.

“We have already picked up 20 percent of it but Abbott gave us 40 percent of the upfront money,” said Freeman.

Freeman believes the full removal cost in the city will approach 26 million dollars. Last Thursday, Texas lawmakers requested more federal funds to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

"That is for the second round of relief funding that will provide billions of dollars,” Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas.

"This is not going to go away, this is a five year recovery, but through my leadership I hope to get things going,” said Freeman.

Abbott says that the U.S. Congress could vote on the 19 billion dollar Harvey relief funding by the latter part of the month.