A good Samaritan from Fred is hailed as a hero after he helped a Silsbee Police Officer pin down a suspect in Walmart

Officer Chris Hartman was told the suspect, 42-year-old James Lee Hare, was talking to himself out loud in the store about having a gun with him last Thursday. Officer Hartman said he knew the suspect from previous encounters and approached him to speak with him.

During the encounter, body camera video shows the suspect greet Officer Hartman at first but then resist once he was asked to put his hands behind his back. Officer Hartman explains he was trying to determine if the suspect had a gun with him.

“We ended up on the ground at which time he started punching me repeatedly on the head," said Officer Hartman.


During the scuffle, both of the men fell on the ground and Officer Hartman was hit three times in the face. When Officer Hartman attempted to defend himself and tried to restrain the suspect the bystander stepped in to help him.

“Who knows what could have happened, I could’ve gotten hurt or he could’ve gotten hurt” said Officer Hartman.

Officer Hartman only suffered minor injuries to his face and eye. He said he was surprised that someone stepped in to help him instead of taking a video on a cell phone

"My dad always told me if you see someone, help them and I think his parents instilled that in him too," said Officer Hartman.

Once the situation was under control, Hartman thanked the man for helping him.

"He came out of nowhere like a superhero like out of nowhere then he was gone," said Officer Hartman.

The Good Samaritan does not want to be identified but Officer Hartman wants him to know how much he appreciates him.

“I’m thankful for him that he helped the police, it’s a good thing," said Hartman.

The suspect, James Hare was booked in the Hardin County jail for assault on a public servant which is a third degree felony.

The suspect was treated at the scene by EMS for a minor cut to his nose and has bonded out of jail.