JASPER COUNTY — At around 4 p.m. Tuesday a home off of Highway 96 caught fire north of Jasper. The fire claimed the life of 43-year-old Steven Cochran, who was trapped inside the home. The Good Samaritan, Lonnie, told 12News he was driving home to Natchitoches saw the fire from the road. That's when he called 911 and turned around to help until first responders arrived.

Lonnie said when he got out of his car he knocked on the front door, but it didn't appear that anyone wsa home. Lonnie said at that point the porch caved in and he fell through it. He then grabbed a garden hose and started working on putting out the fire coming out of a front window.

Shortly after, he said a relative of Cochran arrived and told Lonnie he was inside the home. Lonnie and the relative attempted to get the back door open, but they found it was triple locked. They were unable to get the door open until another many showed up with a pry-bar.

Lonnie said when they finally got the door open Cochran, who was confined to a wheelchair, was pushed against the door. Lonnie then performed CPR on Cochran for about 10 minutes until EMS arrived and took over, but he said it was too late.

Cochran was pronounced dead on the scene.

The State Fire Marshall is investigating what may have caused the fire. This is a developing story.