A fire at Glen Oaks apartments on Saturday torched seven units and left dozens of others without power or water.

Carlos Lemus is staying at a hotel while he waits to see if there is any damage to his apartment.

"When I pulled in they told me I couldn't go into the apartment, because of the fire and there was damage so, they were letting people in but I guess I got here a little too late," Lemus said.

Lemus was at work when the fire broke out.

"I plan on staying here, if I'm able to move to another unit, I'm staying here, I have no plans to move anywhere else as of now anyway," Lemus said.

Beaumont Fire Rescue says a child playing with a lighter in a second-floor unit started the blaze.

Sparks caught clothing then spread to a couch and seven units in one of the buildings at the complex, according to Beaumont Fire Rescue.

Lemus says many friends and coworkers have offered resources while he’s waiting to return to his apartment.

"I thank everybody for helping, reaching out to me to see if I need anything. They're willing to help so I'm grateful for that," Lemus said.

Families from 50 apartment units are displaced, according to Beaumont Fire Rescue.

Beaumont Fire Rescue says they do not believe charges will be filed against the family that started the fire.

Four people had minor injuries, according to Beaumont Fire Rescue.