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Girls fighting over weekend at Beaumont McDonald's prompts Jefferson County Constable to seek change

"This is absolutely I believe a parenting issue," Pollard said. "I think it's incumbent on us as parents to get back to raising our kids correctly."

BEAUMONT, Texas — Video of fight over the weekend has been shared several thousand times and has caught the eye of law enforcement officials.

"My initial gut reaction, was just devastated," County Constable for Precinct 1 Jevonne Pollard told 12News on Tuesday.

The McDonald's near Parkdale Mall, where the fight took place Saturday night, falls in the area Pollard serves.

She says this act of violence goes beyond just the kids involved.

"This is absolutely I believe a parenting issue," Pollard said. "I think it's incumbent on us as parents to get back to raising our kids correctly."

She has two kids of her own who attend classes in Beaumont ISD.

Pollard tells 12News that she is looking to create a school program that would help prevent arguments between students from escalating and continuing off campus. 

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"Almost like a peer court, where they can have a forum and they can resolve their issues so they don't bleed over into the mall or McDonald's," Pollard said.

Beaumont ISD did confirm that students were involved in this fight, however the neither the district or police have identified them.

Pollard says kids causing trouble in the Parkdale Mall area is a growing issue. 

"You'll hear a call of 15-20 juveniles harassing a person at Buffalo Wild Wings and then about 10-15 minutes later, that same group is at Michael's harassing somebody else," Pollard said.

12News is still trying to gather more confirmed information about what led up to the fight.

In the video multiple teenage girls can be seen attacking a girl and her family in the parking lot of the McDonald's on Saturday night.  

In the video, which 12News decided to blur because minors were seen fighting, one girl yells "Leave me alone please" in Spanish as she's being hit.

Moments before, the girl's father gets punched several times by the same girl.

Pollard tells 12News the law does protect people who are defending themselves and is impressed with the man's actions for not retaliating against the teen.

She says these girls were lucky this family didn't fight back.

"Those parents exercised great restraint," Pollard said. "Those girls are fortunate for that because they could've been seriously hurt."

Beaumont Police did confirm that the family, who appears to be the victims in this video, did file a report.

No arrests or charges have been made as officers continue to search for the girls responsible.  

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