BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas — The first steps are being taken toward closing a popular fishing channel on Bolivar Peninsula.

The fences went up, and one Gilchrist man ended up being arrested. 

Ted Vega said to leave in protest of the closure. 

A fence was constructed around the pass, preventing those wishing to fish. As the fence went up, Vega and a dozen protesters gathered outside the blocked area to voice their concerns about the closure.

"The deputies told people when they got done putting down the fences we would have to leave," said Vega.

Vega refused to leave, claiming he was protecting the pass. After several minutes, Galveston County Deputies put Vega in handcuffs and took him to jail. 

"I listened to them and they listened to me, but they were firm and I was firm back," said Vega.

In September the Texas General Land office announced a $7.4 million contract with Brizo Construction to close the pass. According to the G.L.O., the pass is damaging the ecosystem and creating safety hazards.

The office said Rollover Pass cost taxpayers $600,000 a year to dredge the Gulf and Intracoastal Waterway.

Winston Cochran, Vega's attorney, said Vega's arrest was not only unjust, but says the G.L.O.'s claims of growing erosion at the pass is not even true. 

"The erosion is much worse here and many other areas of the coast," said Cochran.

Since yesterday, the pass belongs to Galveston County. Vega hopes the Galveston County Commissioners will hear his case about the closing of the pass. 

"I didn't like the jail but I felt the cause was worthy enough," Vega said. 

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