BEAUMONT — Saturday afternoon, councilman Mike Getz removed a sign belonging to the campaign of Democrat Melody Chappell.

Chappell, who is running for the 172nd District Court Judge, says her team had permission from a family member of the property owner to place it there.

"It's been a historical place for signs for both Democrats and Republicans," says Chappell. "My signs were there through March and all through the primary, they were there for the runoff as well."

The sign was placed on a fence located on the corner of Phelan Boulevard and North Major Drive.

The location falls on the property of Representative Dade Phelan.

Representative Phelan, a Republican, tells 12News he only allows Republican candidates to put signs at that location.

"We don't put signs on properties where we don't have permission," says Chappell. "If there's a mix-up, then we certainly take it down. It's all a matter of a phone call."

After seeing the sign on Phelan's property, Getz decided to take action and contact the representative .

He then offered to take the sign down himself.

"Some people say that I littered or that I threw it out in the woods," says Getz. "No, here it is 24 hours later and the sign is still there."

A picture of Getz moving the sign has been shared substantially through social media.

According to Chappell, there have been many instances where her signs have been removed or damaged, this is just the latest.

Saturday, she filed a police report stating the number of signs altered, including the one Getz moved.

However, despite the attention brought onto her, Chappell says she's received more support as a result.

"Since this, I've had close to 800 sign requests, says Chappell. "I guess I'll have to order more signs."

Chappell is still considering whether or not she will press charges against Getz.

The councilman on the other says he did nothing wrong because he was given permission from Representative Phelan.

He says her police report should worry voters.

Getz says "It is very troublesome to have a candidate for judge lying to a police officer during an investigation."

Police haven't released any information of that report.

Chappell is running against Republican Mitch Templeton for the 172nd District Court Judge, replacing Judge Donald Floyd.

Early voting begins October 22nd and the election will take place on November 6th.

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