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Former Port Arthur officer accused of lying on time sheet, executing 'fake' search warrant

Detective Mickey Sterling, who was fired in June, is trying to get his job back.

The second day of a lengthy arbitration case involving a former Port Arthur Police Detective continued on Wednesday.

Detective Mickey Sterling, who was fired in June, is trying to get his job back.

Tom Barbee with Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas said Sterling was terminated for “insubordination” and “untruthfulness.”

In Testimony Wednesday, Carol Gauthier discussed an affidavit she wrote for the District Attorney’s office.

She said Sergeant Scott Gaspard and Mickey Sterling were investigating her missing husband whose truck was found at the top of the rainbow bridge. She explained the officers believed her husband committed suicide and his body was in the water somewhere.

In her affidavit, she wrote about a psychic named Karen Jannise who was helping police with their investigation into her missing husband.

Gauthier said she believed Jannise was having an affair with Sergeant Scott Gaspard and was paranoid that the word was out about their relationship.

She repeated similar testimony from Tuesday.

She emphasized that Mickey Sterling was the “mastermind” behind executing a search warrant on her home.

She said Sterling’s girlfriend at the time, Angela Aschcraft, wanted him to search her phone to make sure there were no text messages with her named linked to Sergeant Gaspard or Jannise.

Gauthier explained Gaspard and another officer were very threatening when they searched her home. She said the experience was very “emotionally damaging” for her daughter.

Once her phone was returned to her she was worried that the officers planted something on her phone.

Sterling’s attorney, Rob Thomas, kept on objecting to hearsay during Gauthier's testimony by calling it a "soap opera"

The next witness, Kris Zapata, claimed Sterling lied to a judge to get a search warrant for Carol Gauthier's home.

She said Sterling obtained a search warrant by telling the judge Gauthier was a murder suspect linked to her missing husband.

Zapata said she confronted Sterling by telling him she thought he was “dirty” for executing a search warrant on Gauthier’s home.

She testified she believed Gauthier was harassed by Sterling and other officers saying they would throw paint on her car and put dog feces on her porch.

She explained Sterling couldn't’ stand Gauthier and claimed he put sticky notes of Gauthier’s numbers on police station phones to warn officers about her calls.

“They didn’t like her, they had it in for her,” said Zapata.

Lastly, she spoke about how she was afraid of Sterling.

The third witness who testified was the psychic, Karen Janisse, who was involved in the investigation into Gauthier’s missing husband.

Jannise said she could communicate with Gauthier's husband through visions. She explained she worked with Sergeant Gaspard and searched several properties thoroughly for Gauthier’s missing husband.

She denied having an affair with Gaspard and called their relationship “strictly business” but said she was aware of the rumors being spread about an alleged romantic relationship.

She claims Gauthier started the rumors about a romantic relationship with Gaspard and admitted to putting fake bones in Gauthier’s yard to mess with her.

Former Port Arthur Police officer, Mark Blum, who testified Wednesday said he believes Sterling was lying on his time sheet saying the woman in charge of payroll told him Sterling clocked hours for working with a K-9 but the officer said he didn't believe Sterling ever had a dog.

Blum said the woman who works for payroll asked him about Sterling's K-9 hours and asked what she was supposed to do because she didn't believe he had a dog.

Overall it seemed like the city attorney Bettye Lynn's main goal was to prove that Sterling was double dipping at work.