A former Jefferson County deputy constable has been sentenced to probation and a fine on a charge of official oppression after being accused of tasing a man and leaving him on the street.

Former Precinct 8 deputy constable Ken Yowman, who was put on leave earlier in 2017 while the incident was investigated, pleaded no contest to a class a misdemeanor charge of official oppression in front of Judge Larry Gist Tuesday according to a court secretary.

Yowman was sentenced by Judge Gist to one year deferred probation and a $500 fine.

He was put on administrative leave in May 2017 after Deven Taylor, of Port Arthur, alleged he was tased and left in a puddle of blood on the street.

Taylor, alleged that an officer tased him then left him alone, unconscious on the ground in a puddle of blood after he fell and struck his head Sunday night, May 7, 2017.

Taylor, who wasn't arrested and is unsure why he was tased, told 12News that he woke up on the ground with the taser wires in his hand and walked home.

The incident was investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.