BEAUMONT, Texas — It's that time of year again. 

You’ve seen the wings on the ground, which can only mean the Formosan Termites are all around.

"They swarm after dark and they're highly attracted to light," Dr. Bart Foster with Bill Clark's Pest Control said. "So you'll see them around all of the street lights and they'll come to porch lights and they're really good at crawling around windows and under doors."

Bart Foster is an Entomologist and says it’s not unusual to see the swarms this time of year, but he says not to panic because these are the types of termites that usually don’t harm.

"They don't bite, they're not going to hurt anybody, but they are indication of termite activity either in the home or around the home," Foster said.

Foster said Southeast Texans need to just be patient. In time they’ll all be gone, but if you’re looking for a more immediate approach, he says regular inspections, home treatments and deep cleanings can all help get the job done.

"They can establish a colony inside of a home. So the best way to find out if you see something is to go ahead and get the home inspected," Foster said.