On Labor Day weekend in 2011, a wildfire broke out in Steiner Ranch that destroyed 23 homes and caused a two-hour traffic jam.

“And I think that’s what upset everybody the most that there was never a plan to be able to get out,” said Sherry Hardt.

Hardt lives in the neighborhood and her home was destroyed in the fire. She could see the fire brewing towards her home.

“And I mean before we knew it, within probably about 10 minutes of that very initial sight, we could hear the firetrucks saying, ‘you need to get out – now’ you have one minute, get your stuff and go,” Hardt said.

The Travis County's Steiner Ranch Area Evacuation Route Design team proposed 12 alternate evacuation routes on Thursday. Residents in the neighborhood say it's about time.

The routes would connect surrounding neighborhoods to Ranch Road 620.

steiner ranch fire evacuations_map_1533958605637.JPG.jpg
Livengood, Paul

The design would cut down evacuation times and give first responders better access to these neighborhoods.

Of the 12 routes proposed, four will be selected as the primary evacuation routes.

There is no word yet on when that decision will be made.