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Family seeking answers after Beaumont woman found dead on Pleasure Island

Three days later her family is no closer to finding out what happened to Summer Ross but they're speaking out on her behalf.

BEAUMONT, Texas — The family of Summer Ross has more questions than police can answer after the 30-year-old's body was found Monday on Pleasure Island.

Three days later her family is no closer to finding out what happened to Ross but they're speaking out on her behalf.

The Beaumont Police Department is where Ross’ mom first reported her missing this past Sunday the day before her body was found on Pleasure Island.

Now her family just wants some answers.

"Really heartbreaking, her body was left to be ate by alligators and everything else to rot,” Alyssa Flowers said. “And for her family to never know what happened to her if she would."

Flowers said grieving for her cousin Ross has been complicated.

"I'm angry that this happened to her, but I'm also sad because she has people that love her so much,” Flowers said. “And I'm not here to fill any see that people do love her just look and see that. But as far as giving her hugs and stuff, and I can't do that."

Flowers said Ross’ mother reported her missing Sunday and just a day later, her body was found on Pleasure Island.

"Nobody's body deserves to be dumped by River Lake ocean,” Flowers said. “It’s inhumane, disgusting, and we hope that that person gets hot very soon, and we want to make sure that person gets what they deserve.”

Port Arthur Police are investigating Ross' death as suspicious and a preliminary autopsy performed on Wednesday was inconclusive.

But Flowers said her cousin's life was more than this tragedy.

"My best memories with her is it always cruising in her car or Mama's car and we would just listen to music,” Flowers said. “Now I can't do that anymore. All I have left are bittersweet memories. I can't give her a hug. I can't give her a call. And all I have is memories."

The grieving family just wants answers.

"My aunt, she can't eat. Can't sleep. She cries so much her eyes already hurt. It's really hurting us all," Flowers said.

The only hope for more answers is a toxicology report, which could take months.

"Justice is that person is getting caught and getting charges. Or seeing that they speak what happened. We want to know what happened," Flowers said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account for donations.

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